Holly's Dorchester Tour Diary

27-30th May 2011

Set off from Kent with Vincenzo about 1pm friday, the same time as Dave Bendy and Chilly Fraser McJocko, yet managed to beat them to Dorchester by nearly two hours. Not that surprising if Dave took his usual, via Brighton, route. Chilly should've known as Dave's never liked to take the direct route, much prefering to bend it to the left. Vin and I had an uneventful journey apart from seeing a coach load of "Where's Wally's" somewhere down the M3.

As the evening turned to night the other lads started to arrive and with that the beers started to flow. After that things are a bit blurry apart from the deafening roar of the fire alarm at 2am. Some rumoured that it was deliberately set off by the following days opposition trying to disturb our sleeping patterns; others that it was our desperate neighbours trying to end our sing-a-long-a-Big Gay Al's Ukelele party night.

Had a lovely full-English breakfast saturday morning and headed off for our first game at Hazelbury Bryan. Three wickets from The Raphist and Monster set us up for a relatively easy win sealed by good batting from Peanut and Jack The Ripper. Some handsome bearded guy took a lovely catch as well. But my champagne moment was Tommy Wholemeal, after a couple of shocking miss-fields and a drop catch, telling us all to "just get this game over with".

Our hosts scored 154 all out off 29.5 overs:-

T.Holman 6 0 21 1
R.Torrens 6 1 10 3
T.Ervine 6 1 19 3
P.Sanders 6 0 44 0
J.Rogers 3 0 32 1
J.Holder 2.5 1 4 2

We rattled them off in 33.4 overs to win by 3 wickets:-

1 D.Bentley RUN OUT 3
2 A.Manderson caught 1
3 D.Holden bowled 25
4 N.Warren bowled 15
5 M.Rutter bowled 34
6 J.Holder bowled 1
7 J.Rogers caught 41
8 T.Holman RUN OUT 1
9 R.Torrens NOT OUT 4*
10 P.Sanders NOT OUT 0*
11 T.Ervine dnb -

  After an Antelope burger or two in Hazelbury Bryan we headed back to The Junction in Dorchester for Disco Night.

Sunday's game was at nearby Martinstown. Martinstown Cricket Club is a beautiful ground set at the foot of a valley with rolling hills all around. Their boundaries are massive though, so although there wasn't a lot of boundaries scored, their high youth content in their team,  (and our shocking fielding) meant they were able to capitalise on many quickly run singles.

They scored 263 for 7 of their 40 overs. But despite a great opening spell from Wholemeal, Chilly was our top bowler completing his 5for with the last ball of the game; much to Big Gay Al's relief who'd missed a stumping off the previous ball.

T.Holman 8 0 26 0
R.Torrens 6 0 40 1
T.Ervine 8 0 61 0
N.Warren 5 0 24 0
J.Rogers 3 0 31 0
F.McGregor 6 0 39 5
P.Sanders 4 0 35 0

Despite 50's from myself and The Ripper we were always struggling to keep up with the required run-rate and run out of batsmen trying to smash the ball over the distant rope. All out for 153 off 33.3 overs.

1 V.Reynolds bowled
2 A.Manderson bowled 14
3 D.Holden RUN OUT 57
4 T.Rutter bowled 5
5 N.Warren bowled 6
6 F.McGregor bowled 2
7 J.Rogers caught & bowled 55
8 T.Holman L.B.W. 2
9 R.Torrens bowled 6
10 P.Sanders bowled
11 T.Ervine NOT OUT 6*

We headed to their local The Brewers Arms' for a barbeque and their annual 'auction of promises' fund raiser and then back to The Junction for Karaoke Night.

Monday's game at Hooke Powerstock was abandoned due to heavy rain, much to the relief of some of the team suffering from mammoth hangovers.